What is 6 years laterEdit

A comic made by Fro. And helped by others. It's about Garfield and Gazorpazorpfield.

Why is 6 years laterEdit

"So, Kuro, Hurshie and I were in the call discussing possible changes in 5YL. Where to go from here and all that shit. Well, I asked, "Why not add Garfield?" and we all laughed about it and he brushed it off as a joke but then I brought it up again and he said something about it not fitting into where the story was and what not so I'm like, aight, fuck it. 6YL is confirmed. Garfield is the star BAY-BEE! 3." Quoted Fro

Who is 6 years later Edit

6 years later Main characters consists of Garfield, Gazorpazorpfield. The other characters are Fred, Ben 7, Ben 10, Shaggy, and an original character called Daddy Cola.

When is 6 years later Edit

It started on August 20th 2018 (USA, eastern time).

Hows is 6 years later Edit

Its all good fam, he's doing fine. Good o'l 6yl.

Where is 6 years later Edit



6 Years Later sneek peek

A Sneak Peek at 6 Years Later

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